1. Can I order your product online? I don’t have a store near me that carries it.


2. Where are your products manufactured?

In the USA!

3. Do you pasteurize your products?

Yes, all our products are pasteurized in accordance with food and beverage regulations.

4. Are your sparkling waters calorie free?

All of our recipes use fruit juice as a base ingredient to help give flavor and body to the overall palate and as a result there is a small amount of sugar that is naturally from fruit. Our Sparkling waters range from 10-15 calories and 2-3 grams of sugar. Our Spritzers contain more fruit juice and have 3-4 grams of sugar.

5. Do you add sugar or artificial sweeteners or natural sweeteners to your waters?

We do not.  The only sugar that are in the waters are naturally occurring from the fruit juice and no added sugar is put in the recipe to make it “sweeter.”

6. Why do you say your waters are unsweetened if they have fruit in them?

Typically sweetened products have sugar or artificial or natural sweeteners added to the recipe to create a “sweetened” experience.  We, on the other hand, are just using a percentage of fruit juice as an ingredient and natural flavoring to our recipes and it is not enough to “sweeten” the product.  We are still a sparkling water which is traditionally “unsweetened” as that what consumers love and expect about this product experience.

7. Do you export?

Not at this time but please send us a note so we can stay in touch for when the time approaches.

8. What are natural flavors?

Our natural flavors come from the extracts of real fruits and ingredients like extractives of coconut, lime, citrus and melon to name a few.  We combine those with various fruit juices to craft a sparkling water experience that has layers of flavor and an aroma that is second to none.

9. I would like to carry these products at my café or coffee shop… is this an option?

Fill out our “contact us” query form and select the “wholesale account looking to carry your products” selection and tell us more.  We’ll get back to you with an update on your area!

10. What do you mean when you say you make your water with a “softer bubble"?

We intentionally don’t make our waters with as high of a carbonation level so that you better experience the various layers of flavors in our recipes. We also heard from initial customers from our test batches that they wanted a “softer bubble” in their sparkling water today.

11. Are your products Non-GMO?


12. Are these products shelf stable?

Yes, they are but we think you should pop them in the frig as soon as you get home so that you can enjoy them as soon as they are nice and chilled.. we can’t wait for you to crack open one of those cans and experience these delicious recipes.

13. Does your water contain alcohol?

None of our waters contain alcohol.  We have some flavor profiles that have a “mocktail” profile but its just because we love those flavors so much that we thought they’d be amazing as a sparkling water that way you could enjoy them all the time!

14. How much fruit juice are in your waters?

Seven Sparkling has between 4-6% varying across different recipes. Seven Spritzers contain between 13-15% fruit juice.

15. Where can I buy your products at?

Check out our store locator page here

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